Glenn brings his Best-Selling Book to life with Keynotes and Workshops focusing on attitude awareness, attitude influences, self-assessments, and attitude improvement with his 10 attitude boosters! His Attitude leadership program will focus on getting your team to commit and align for greatness, as well as creating an attitude of accountability and passion for your environment. Glenn speaks nationally to audiences that thirst for increased production, profitability and morale for their team or company. There is a common link in successful people, relationships, teams, businesses and leaders... That Link is Attitude! Learn more and register below.


Keynote: The Attitude Hour

Glenn Bill speaks from his experience. He believes and lives that attitude is the ultimate differentiator on any team, in any company or during any crisis or achievement. He will show you how to elevate your attitude and create ultimate success in anything you pursue. He has the formulas, the assessments and the history to show you that dominating with attitude is as easy as the ABCʼs. The University of Attitude is Americaʼs #1 resource for attitude achievement. Glenn is the Head Attitude Coach who will get you there. 

During this workshop you will:

  • Create and define attitude awareness for your team.
  • Take a self-assessment to identify your attitude.

  • Improve your attitude with Glennʼs 10 attitude boosters.

  • Identify and solve the attitude influences present in your organization -Good and Bad. 

Seminar: The ABC's of Attitude Seminar (Also included The Attitude Hour)

Positive attitude is the foundation for everything in life! Learn the art of having a positive attitude as well as how to live a positive life. In this book, you’ll get the framework needed to apply what you learn to your personal and professional lives. Attaining attitude achievement is as easy as the ABCʼs.

During this workshop you will:

  • Discover the 3 biggest mistakes people make regarding their attitude.
  • Uncover the formula for any challenge you face and “Get Attitude” to master it.
  • Double Productivity, streamline your companies attitude for big profits
  • Dominate your market place by learning the ultimate differentiator.


Upcoming Dates of seminars coming soon. Click below if you would like to schedule this seminar for your team, staff or students.

Workshop & Keynote: Leadership

Could examining your attitude about all the areas, relationships and challenges in your life create an awakening that could fuel new levels of excitement, success and vitality in your life? How about the way you think? Have you ever given it any real thought? Is the way you think giving you what you want out of life? Everyone wants to talk about and study everyone elseʼs story; however, the most important story in your your story!

During this workshop you will: 

  • Learn how to get your team to commit and align for greatness.
  • Learn the attitudes of great leaders: Secrets to Success.
  • Gain accountability and attitude for you and your team.
  • Take the Leadership Attitude Assessment